Paint Protection Film

Protect Your Vehicle’s Flawless Finish with Our Paint Protection Film

At MidCity Film Specialist, we understand that your vehicle reflects your personality. Therefore, we offer vinyl-grade Paint Protection Film (PPF) to protect your paintwork from those nagging scratches. Moreover, our protection films for your car also allow you to express your unique style. The films used by our technicians are durable, weather-resistant, and designed to stick smoothly for a paint-like finish.

Protection films are the only true solution to preserve the factory finish of your car. Our PPFs are self-healing films that can be applied to any painted surface of the vehicle. Furthermore, based on your request, we can apply the film to the impact-prone areas of your vehicle. Get complete peace of mind while driving your car with our PPFs.

What is a Protection Film for Your Car’s Paint?

A protection film for your car’s paint is also commonly referred to as a clear bra. It protects your car’s paint surface with a transparent urethane film and a hydrophobic top coat. Not only does this film protect your car from paint and rock chips, but it also boosts your vehicle’s stain and UV resistance. Our store uses next-generation protection films for your car’s paint to prevent swirl marks and bird droppings.

Selecting the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars

With the best protection film for cars, you can now protect the front portion or your entire vehicle. Moreover, we also specialize in providing spot treatments. For instance, if you feel that a specific area of your vehicle needs to be protected, we can apply PPFs. Irrespective of the type of car you have, a PPF can be pretty effective in helping you avoid scratches.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Films for Vehicle Paint Protection

Do you know that investing in PPFs can reduce the frequency of your visit to an automotive body shop? Besides helping you protect your car’s paintwork, here are some other advantages of our PPFs.

  • The PPFs of MidCity Film Specialist offer extreme scratch and chip resistance.

  • These films increase your car’s resale value.

  • You can now easily maintain your car’s exterior finish with these films.

  • All our PPFs are water-resistant.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Paint Protection Wraps

The paint protection film technology has exponentially improved in the last few decades. Nowadays, you can invest in numerous coatings to protect your vehicle’s paintwork. However, when the context is about durability and value for money, protection wraps always reign supreme. Listed are the common reasons behind the popularity of our PPFs.

Chemical Protection

The best paint protection film at MidCity Film Specialist can protect your car’s paintwork from chemical reactions. For instance, bird droppings and bugs can cause chemical reactions that are invisible to the naked eye. Over time, they can damage the paint of your car.

Best-in-Class Solution

A PPF is what you need to secure your car’s paint from everyday damage. Moreover, if you use your vehicle for commuting to work or other purposes, a PPF installation at our store is of utmost importance.

Long-Term Protection

The protective and self-healing traits of our PPFs are the main benefits you will enjoy for a longer duration. Furthermore, the resale value of your car will automatically increase when it has a PPF applied on its exterior surface.

MidCity Film Specialist is a full-service shop. This implies that if your main interest is to protect your new car’s finish with a paint protection film, we can do that. Besides applying PPFs, we are also experts in installing windshield protection film. Get a free quote on protection films for your car by visiting our portal today.


Is a PPF Worth the Money for New Vehicle Owners?

PPF installation is worth the money as it provides new vehicle owners with long-term benefits. It also increases your car's resale value drastically.

Can PPF Last More than a Decade?

Before you opt for a paint protection film install, it is common to inquire about the durability of the film. On average, our PPFs can last for more than seven years.

How Effective are Paint Protection Films for Modern Cars?

Modern cars boast advanced paintwork that can cost you a fortune if it gets scratched. Therefore, numerous new vehicle owners invest in paint protection films to protect their prized possessions.

Can I Apply Wax Over the PPF?

You can apply wax over the PPF to make your car glossier. The film can repel water and dust more effectively when you apply wax to it.